The use of AC drives in the water treatment industry is constantly increasing. Today, drives are widely used throughout the industry, from water production and distribution to sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants, pumping wastewater on both municipalities and the industrial side of the business. AC drives control the speed of motors in a wide variety of pump, blower, agitator and irrigation applications to help increase performance and value while saving energy and costs.

Start Energy Efficiency Now!

Water and wastewater treatment accounts for 25-40% of a municipality’s electricity bill and equates to 4% of global electricity consumption. Water and wastewater utilities are therefore normally the single largest electricity consumer for a municipality. For this reason, it provides a very serious energy saving for the right ac drive for water treatment plants.

Blowers or surface aerators consume 40-60% of the total energy used in wastewater treatment plants. Driving these equipment with ac drives provides significant energy savings.


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