LS Electric combines compactness and high performance with its ac drive solutions developed for elevator control systems. Product sizes with the same power to products of other brands were reduced by half. This makes you more competitive.

  • Premium High Performance Vector Control
  • Selectable IM / PM loads
  • Optimum control algorithm (Voltage / Speed ​​/ Flux) for smooth and precise operation
  • Save your commissioning time with optimum automatic tuning and convenient gain adjustment
  • Basic functions for elevator control

For Elevators

  • precise control via SIN / COS encoder
  • E / L master function via built-in option
  • Creating an optimum speed model / No creep speed
  • Optimal Load Cell
  • Elevator I / O (ELIO) option
  • Gearless / gearless E / L operation
  • Battery powered in case of power failure

For Warehouse Parking Systems

  • Internal brake control function
  • Powerful load balancing functionality
  • Zero speed control function
  • Precise control via SIN / COS encoder


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